Une page d'histoire dans un écrin de verdure...
Une page d'histoire dans un écrin de verdure...



Crécy-en-Ponthieu is a beautiful village inhabited by 1577 people, nestled in the heart of the Ponthieu Marquenterre area.


There, you will have pleasant moments walking in the countryside or in the nearby forest. You may also enjoy seaside activities in the Bay de Somme, one of the most beautiful bay in the world, only 20 kms away!


In Crécy, you can discover a rich historical and cultural heritage as the village was the scene of a famous battle whose date marks the beginning of the Hundred Years' War => museum


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The forest

With its 4323 ha, the forest of Crécy is the main forest in the Somme region and the only one of that size opened to the public.

Consisting primarily of beeches and oaks, the Crécy National Forest offers quality timber production. Crécy white beeches are particularly special. 22 remarkable trees out of 30 classified in 1905 still exist. The oldest, "the Ramolleux oak" may be six centuries’ old!

Wolves disappeared in 1869. Gradually deer’s and wild boars took over. Nowadays, foxes, squirrels, woodcocks, pheasants, woodpeckers and buzzards populate the forest.



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